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    As lifelong golfers ourselves, we are passionate about protecting the beauty of our golf courses, and the wider natural world.  Our brand is leading the way in providing golfers with high quality and eco-friendly golf products. We believe that making green choices shouldn’t involve compromising on the quality, or style, of your golf equipment. 

  • Tees

    We are a leading UK supplier for both wooden castle tees and wooden straight tees. These are made from natural bamboo wood from a sustainable source, which is less damaging to ecosystems and stronger than traditional wooden tees. 


    1.5 billion tees are sold every year and often lost or left abandoned on golf courses. These predominantly plastic tees remain in the ecosystem without being broken down for decades, where they may harm animals and other natural life. Furthermore, garishly coloured tees are attractive to certain bird species, who may pick them up and drop them into other environments, including beauty spots and water-ways. Increasingly, golf clubs are recognising this problem and banning plastic tees on their courses. 

  • Accessories
  • Recycled Lake Balls


    We have been selling recycled golf balls for many years. These are recovered primarily from lakes and then washed, sorted and graded so that they can be reused until they are no longer serviceable. At this point, they can be refurbished and used once again.


    Our Lake Balls are re-cycled from the best crystal clear lakes which reduces the dis-colouration that can occur when balls are retrieved from other more murky UK lakes.

    We discard poor quality balls that we would not want to personally tee-up ourselves and then sort the rest into three straightforward grades I.e. “Nearly New”, “Competitive Rounds” or “Social Rounds”. Our aim is to be clear, honest and trustworthy so that you receive the quality that you expect.


    By buying recycled golf balls you are helping the environment in two ways. Firstly, by not buying new balls you are reducing the use of valuable fossil fuels. Secondly, you are supporting an industry which clears lost or abandoned balls from the environment, thus protecting natural habitats.

  • Gloves


    We are excited to stock the first golf gloves made entirely free of plastic. These are made from premium soft sheep’s leather and use a reusable fastener instead of Velcro. On retiring the glove, this fastener can be sent back to us for reuse, in return for a discount on your next glove. The glove’s elastic is made from natural rubber obtained from sustainable rubber trees.

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